The Heights Estate

Strategic landscape management plan for an iconic architectural housing estate.

The Heights Management (No1) Ltd



The Heights Estate was an architecturally designed estate from the 1960’s. It was conceived as a self contained residential housing estate that combined contemporary living with communal landscape gardens and planted walkways.

Since its completion the estate has suffered from a lack of regular or proactive maintenance, which has left the original designed landscape blurred and unable to deliver value to the community. A lack of understanding of the asset has led to inappropriate changes and decisions.

A new committee was keen to evaluate the landscape in the light of modern day requirements and put together a landscape strategy that was respectful of the original ideas; that worked with the palette of materials and planting but that acknowledged the needs of a present day residential community.

Jeremy Rye Studio collaborated with members of the community to identify a long term landscape strategy that could be built into their on going development and maintenance plans. The culmination of this work was a report that identified a palette of hard and soft landscape provisions and identified a clear vision for the estate’s future.