I work with rituals to highlight the benefit and enrichment they give to our lives.

For up and coming rituals, please see Eventbrite.

Rituals give us focus, to deliver an intention. 

We conduct our own rituals on a daily basis. How we get up in the morning, to how we brush our teeth at night. All deliver our intention in our prescribed way. It keeps us balanced and it helps us feel safe.

I use rituals to celebrate events in my life and for the world. 

Working with the planets and the elements within nature, my rituals mark what is going on in nature’s cycle and to give a rhythm to my life. Understanding the gifts that each of the planets have available to us, through ritual, we can set our intention or question and ask to receive what we need on our life journey.

I define the form of the ritual and ask nature to hold the space that I work in. 

Crafting a ritual, to enhance an intention, has been an ancient part of our lives and I want to reintroduce people to how ritual can enrich their lives. From creating a love feast, to celebrate friendship, to responding to a significant new moon, to set our new intentions with Luna, we are in collaboration with each other and the world. 

The potential of ritual is endless and the result gives nourishment to us and also to the world.

I run regular rituals to celebrate the solar festivals and the lunar calendar, please see Eventbrite.

Introduction to

Below is a 20 minute video on the basics of working with rituals that will help give you a grounding in one of the aspects of how I work. These are useful to watch prior to attending one of my talks or workshops where we may cover or work together on in a ritual.