Wheel of the Year

Revealing natures cycle that connects us, to the sun and our wellbeing.

Charting a monthly calendar, we follow nature’s cycle within us. Through bringing awareness and understanding to this cycle, we reconnect with nature as part of ourselves. Working in this way, we receive its gifts for our personal growth and development.

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It is now universally accepted that, all is one.

Known that we are now part of nature and nature is part of us. That we are inextricably linked 

and have a mutual impact on each others health and well being.

As we understand that, we also know that we are therefore that the sun and the moon must have an impact on us. No matter what we do to the planet, they are both outside our influence, yet hold a massive influence over us.

All natural cycles respond to both the sun and the moon and as we are part of nature then these natural cycles, the sun and the moon must influence us.

The wheel of the year charts the sun’s influence on our well being and places its gifts into each of the 12 months, the 8 solar festival and the 4 seasons. It turns a full circle in a year before we begin again.

My work brings together what each of these months reveals to us about us. As a natural cycle we are already experiencing this cycle, it is happening within us each month.

We already feels these cycles, as emotional pulls, drains or sharing experiences that seem to happen to us and our circle of friends. However, we don’t see them as part of a cycle and remain unconscious of its impact on us.

I reveal the gifts that each month gives us and that we can harness for our own growth and well being. These gifts are there to guide us to deliver what we are most passionate about in our lives. To balance that with living a full life and dealing with any hurts or traumas that we encounter along the way.

I also provide the tools to be able to connect into this monthly cycle using the land and nature and our connection to both.

As we are one with nature, using the cycle of restore, preparation, growth and abundance, we can work with pilgrimage, trees, meditation and ritual. This provides our access to all that nature has to offer us to help us achieve our highest potential and live our fullest life.

Join me as I take you through our year of working with nature’s monthly cycle and feel the months reveal themselves as it reveals to you aspects that you are already feeling but are unsure way and how those can be, with understanding and the correct tools, turn into living in a place of flow and growth.

We’ll explore this through

  1. Annual workshop on the year ahead (See Eventbrite for details);
  2. Monthly heads up talks revealing what you can expect from this month;
  3. Six weekly festival celebrations that help you focus on your intentions and your progress.

It is knowing your natural self.