Tarot Readings

I am fascinated by ancient wisdom traditions, particularly how we used to work and connect into the landscape. The study of these traditions, from sacred geometry to pilgrimage, led me to take an active interest in the Tarot.

Like the frameworks I create for celebrating the seasons and the pilgrimage walks I craft, the Tarot provides us with a way of connecting into our own journeys through the use of symbolism, design and craft. They are, as a series of images, also very landscape based and have given me wonderful insights into my own work.

Having studied this for a number of years I now offer readings, either in person or through zoom, to help navigate individual journeys and illuminate a person’s self and uniqueness.

To make a booking, contact me through my email address. Each reading takes one hour, costs £50.00 and is conducted in strictest confidence.

What do you see in this traditional three card spread?