Solar Festivals

There are rhythms to everything we experience, the day we live through, our work, leisure and pleasure, the things we create, the emotions we own, the meals we prepare.

These rhythms exist to give us insights into ourselves and as a way to share together with others.

The most ancient of all these rhythms are the seasons of the year. Each cycle following on from the last in a prescribed pattern. As night follows day, we know that summer follows spring. Cycles exist in all levels of our lives, but it is through the seasons we sense our own place in the rhythm of the earth and our part in the wider sphere.

We have always found a way to mark these seasonal changes, to come together as people and celebrate the changes that make up the year. These are referred to as solar festivals. By marking them ourselves, we not only connect in a deeper way with the natural world but also with ourselves. We are able to work on our own sense of self at a deeper level, in tune with the natural processes that exist to support us.

I have celebrated these festivals for years and they are a constant source of personal joy, delight, insight and enlightenment.

At the time of each festival I will post here a description of my insights and observations, what it means for us today and any events I am originating to form part of a collective celebration.

Consummation Solar Festival.

Foliate Head 1983. John Piper 1903-1992

The Festival of Mabon or the Festival of Consummation (September 20-24th) and celebrates the mid point of Autumn. It is the second equinox, when the days and the nights are in balance and the sun rises and sets at 6pm. This autumn equinox is balanced by the spring equinox, around 21st March and is called Ostara, the Festival of Promise.

It is a time where all things complete. As the wheel of the year draws to its close, we are at the high point of harvest, when all is abundant and being gathered in. This is symbolic of what is also see happening for each of us. As ever, what is happening in nature is also part of us. We are harvesting all that we have put in to our year and gathering and completing. 

Consummation is about drawing together all that we are to a certain stage, allowing all that we are to fall and be released. As the fruit falls from the tree, some of what we are also needs to fall. Only picking up again what we want to continue to work with going forward, for in October, we prepare for the season of winter and the shift to our inner work.

It is also a time were we must forgive. Forgiveness allows the release of that which we carry but we no longer need. Without forgiveness work we will continue to hold onto what no longer serves us. It not only impacts on our ability to continue in the flow of year but also our ability to harvest the abundance on offer to us.

This festival also helps us to acknowledge our self worth and to feed it with the abundance of our successes, so that we become assured and strong for the work ahead.