Tree Oracles

Trees have been used a form of symbolism for centuries and as a way of helping us to understand what our subconscious is saying to us: what to allow in, what to let go of and what needs to be seen but is unseen. When we are drawn to a certain tree we can then, by understanding how it can work with us, gain clarity and support.

All things are interwoven in the world, all of us give and receive support to the rest of the world. Trees are one part of that inter-relationship and one that I am constantly driven to understand more about and to work it into a collaboration with my own life development.

As I research, study and understand trees in my own work, my aim is to focus on one in particular, dedicating a page to it here. Based on my own experiences I will share the importance of that tree and the special gift it has to give.


The Lime provides the key to accessing our simple joys from within us and across all the realms. It works with us to find those joys that nurture, inspire and self affirm our core being. They lift us and are sustaining to our life and how we live that life.

Many talk of needing to live a life at full throttle and chase experiences that give them joys and thrills. These come from an external source and whilst they can be joyful, and are part of living, we require a lot more of those or a constant stream to feel nurtured and sustained.

Not so for the simple joys. Once we have found what feeds our being, we can access them at any time, anywhere and lift ourselves. The Lime will help us discover this and to hold each one as an individual joy to be seen in its own place. It will teach us where these are already within us and to bring them out into the light of the consciousness and show us there power and the balance we can bring in between our knowing and our searching for joy.

When we are called to work with the Lime, it is telling us that it is time to find these joys, to stop our chasing and to allow the simple joys of our being to be our primary source of self care and self nurture. Dedicate ourselves to finding what comes from within and what really lifts you and your ability to live a life.