Tree Oracles

Trees have been used a form of symbolism for centuries and as a way of helping us to understand what our subconscious is saying to us: what to allow in, what to let go of and what needs to be seen but is unseen. When we are drawn to a certain tree we can then, by understanding how it can work with us, gain clarity and support.

All things are interwoven in the world, all of us give and receive support to the rest of the world. Trees are one part of that inter-relationship and one that I am constantly driven to understand more about and to work it into a collaboration with my own life development.

As I research, study and understand trees in my own work, my aim is to focus on one in particular, dedicating a page to it here. Based on my own experiences I will share the importance of that tree and the special gift it has to give.


The blackthorn is the tree of truth in reflection. It helps you see the sharp clarity of truth, when you need to reflect within yourself.

It is often associated with the Samhain period of the year and also with the energy of the Crone, that asks us to see wisdom that is accompanied by the puncturing of an aspect of ourselves that shields us from truly accessing the clarity we require. Much maligned and considered sinister, this tree offers us sight into places we wish we didn’t have to see. Like the thorns that create a fearsome appearance, they offer protection for the fruit, the seed, to allow the final process of transformation to take place before it is ready to move onto the next phase of its growth. Requiring the frost to complete the cycle, this external force can navigate, unimpeded, the thorns to create a sweetness in the fruit and a ripening.

When you feel drawn to the Blackthorn, you are preparing for a period of inner reflection that is required to grow within yourself. Not necessarily always associated with the winter, it is a tree that blossoms early and fruits late, drawing an arc across the whole of the wheel of the year. This period of reflection indicates that there are things that you must now see with a new clarity, a clarity that maybe uncomfortable to see but will change your perspective and ultimately, when accepted, lead to transformation within yourself and setting a new seed in your journey.

Embrace the Blackthorn as it is not sinister but holds the secret of personal transformation.