Tree Oracles

Trees have been used a form of symbolism for centuries and as a way of helping us to understand what our subconscious is saying to us: what to allow in, what to let go of and what needs to be seen but is unseen. When we are drawn to a certain tree we can then, by understanding how it can work with us, gain clarity and support.

All things are interwoven in the world, all of us give and receive support to the rest of the world. Trees are one part of that inter-relationship and one that I am constantly driven to understand more about and to work it into a collaboration with my own life development.

As I research, study and understand trees in my own work, my aim is to focus on one in particular, dedicating a page to it here. Based on my own experiences I will share the importance of that tree and the special gift it has to give.


The pine is the tree that has the best boundaries of all the trees in the forest. It helps you to define your boundaries and in so doing to rise up above the distractions of the world to see your view and the clarity you need to see where you are going.

It is seen as the tree that defines the best attributes of masculinity. It stands as an individual, with space around it, with a character of its own and with its own self assurance. Though there is space around, it welcomes others of its species at close proximity but only to a degree. In welcoming others to occupy the space around it, it will also support their needs but only within the boundaries it sets. They take no more than they need and no more than is required to ensure that others also thrive.

In working with the pine tree you are able to see a clear direction above the melee that maybe going on around you or above you to just keep your head above everything that seeks to distract your vision and your perspective. Rise up and see the highest where the view is clear and you can get clarity.

When you are called to work with the pine it could be reassess your views of masculinity and where it sits within you, to help you define your boundaries in a way that ensures that you are of service to yourself but also to others in a balanced and appropriate manner. In doing this you have the opportunity to rise above the distractions and to get see your path ahead.