Your unique and how you engage with the land must reflect this. I create to facilitate what you bring.

I want everyone to feel confident and comfortable in how they connect into the land and how it allows them to access parts of themselves that they were unaware even existed.

I make this happen for all I work with.

I devise “frameworks” that come from the land but allow you to work with all our own skills, talents and knowledge, within a structure that I have formulated to guide and signpost the work you want to do.

These can be through facilitated pilgrimages, nature’s own symbolism, tree work, solar festival work and even tarot reading. Tarot for me is a landscape based tool.

Each highly informative in their own way for different aspects of the work that you need to do on an individual and personal level.

It’s a joy to see people get to know the landscape as an inherently healing or personal growth medium instead of just a leafy growth medium. It is both and our working with the land gives us benefits and in reciprocation it benefits the land. As we are of it, from it and part of it.