University of East London

Redesign an existing square within the Stratford Campus.

University of East London


with TerraFirma Landscape Architecture


Biodiversity and sustainability were key elements in the design of the long term masterplan of this urban campus.

With no landscape strategy and piecemeal development, the site lacked cohesion and an identity that was reflected in the poor performance on the student experience survey.

Our masterplan focused on bringing the campus together in its current form and using the key elements already in place to inspire the next development phase. The two existing primary open spaces will be enhanced by the development of a third towards the rear of the site. This will differ from the existing as it will completely enclosed by buildings creating a 21st century cloister whose proportions reflect the golden section.

These primary spaces are linked to smaller more intimate garden areas which each pick up on a key University research theme such as, medicinal gardens, vegetable gardens and planting for birds, butterflies and bees. These build on work already carried out by the University and their recent medicinal garden opening.

Other strategies reflect the Universities aim to be responsive to their local environment including the way their campus impacts on the surrounding neighbourhood; with projects to soften its external appearance with the use of native hedges and planting and development of key sign posting of the main entrance and approach. All of these are to be developed with the best biodiversity and sustainability credentials in mind to ensure that UEL maintains a reputation for environmental custodianship of its campus sites.