St Andrews Church

Redesign of a historic City of London public garden.

Renders from Bere Architects

Corporation of the City of London


with Bere Architects

2009 – 2015

Winner: London Planning Awards 2016. Best New Public Space

The redesign of the St Andrew’s churchyard in conjunction with the reworking of Holborn Circus. The project looks to provide a new green open space at the heart of a busy transport interchange, that will provide a quiet garden away from the constant bustle of the City.

The project will unify two separated spaces, that of the existing churchyard and the Corporation owned garden. The brief requires that the church has a new frontage onto the road focusing on the tower and a garden that helps to provide an attractive edge to the reworked Holborn Circus.

The design has resolved a number of key challenges; a significant change in level, DDA compliant access to the gardens and the church and to set up a dialogue with the junction that could be used to inform other projects surrounding the circus.