Sovereign Soul Pilgrimage.

A sacred walk from Windsor to Westminster Abbey.

I am walking the Sovereign Soul Pilgrimage, from Windsor to Westminster, to elevate a nations soul, at this time of initiation and change. Every pilgrimage route was walked for an intention and an act of service. This pilgrimage, along the sacred Thames river, holds the hidden source of a nations soul and its sovereignty.

Walking over three days from Wednesday 3rd May, Thursday 4th May and Friday 5th May. This sacred journey follows the Thames and brings the highest vibration or expression of this lands sovereign soul. We will walk alongside the River Thames and hold this collective energy to Westminster for the moment of the Coronation of King Charles III, on May 6th.

This pilgrimage has been travelled for centuries, mainly by water, from Thorney Island, in the City of Westminster to Windsor Castle, Windsor and back again. Between these two ancient and sacred places the river provided the route with which to set the intention to enhance the beauty of this nation’s sovereignty. Through whatever the world has gone through, this important route has held this hidden source. In this moment in our history, it is right to gather together to walk and deliver Sovereignty with consciousness, so that it might go out to the entire nation.

We will walk through the seven centres that exist still within the landscape along the River Thames and at each in turn, set our intention for the consciousness that we wish for all to be able to connect into, for the highest potential of this nation.

Starting at Windsor on the 4th, we will on the first day, walk to Chertsey walking from the Crown of Windsor, through the Brow located at the ancient site of Runnymede and finally on to Chertsey, the Throat energy centre.

Leaving our walk for the day at the point of truth, we will pick this up again on the Thursday, taking the truth through to the Heart at Hampton Court and carrying on to the Solar Plexus located close to Richmond. We will balance the Heart from the Throat to the Solar Plexus and ending the second day here.

Joining together at Richmond on the 5th we will walking to the Sacral located close to Putney and then on to the Root at Westminster Abbey, where our collective endeavours and the initiation to a place of sovereignty, will be laid to rest on Thorney Island, in preparation for the following days Coronation.

You can join for all or part of the walk. Come for the day or for a section. This pilgrimage is free to all who come with open hearts and a desire to work with nature and the land to bring in the highest expression of this nations sovereign soul.

For more information then please click on the link below and select the day that you will be joining me on this lifetime pilgrimage.

Day One: Windsor to Chertsey. Click on link to book. (All tickets free)

Day Two: Chertsey to Richmond. Click on link to book. (All tickets free)

Day Three: Richmond to Westminster. Click on link to book. (All tickets free)