Dragon words: Sacred Walk

Walking to reveal the “value” and “validation” belief systems that no longer serve me.

  • Walking the land offers us the opportunity to reveal the truth. 
  • To pilgrimage the land and to walk with a clear intention and in a sacred manner is to hear our own self speaking.
  • The journey in a group helps us to share the collective energy and work within a guided framework.
  • This is about being in the landscape and being in the world.

This walk, at the beginning of December, was created to work with the solar eclipse and the new moon on the Saturday of the walk. Each in Sagittarius, it calls on us to review the belief systems that we hold, where we hold them and reflect on which ones need to be released as they no longer serve us.

In so doing, it allows us to set clear intentions that are not influenced by what holds us back but only what will aid our growth. 

This is the time of year that the setting of new seeds reaches a prominence in our thinking within the wheel of the year work. 

It is the time where we begin to feel into what we want to bring in for the coming year. It’s the “still” time, that sees us strengthen all aspects of ourselves and in so doing to allow the focus for the coming year to come into clarity.

All this work, most befitting this time of the wheel of the year, is enhanced with these sacred walks. 

It is also time to give back and show appreciation and there is no better way than to walk the land and offer it back what is required to serve the manifestation of the new within the wider world and the resolution of what no longer serves us all. 

It is the balance where we give and where we receive gifts.

On with my walk.

How exciting to be given the opportunity to feel into my own belief systems that I carry about myself. Giving myself the space and time to really focus on this part of my narrative. It is an opportunity to reflect on the stories that I have allowed to be told about me and those that I retell myself.

Standing in front of the Tower of London (root centre) I gather myself together and know that I need to spend sometime letting go of all the other things that churn through my mind at any given time. Walking has always helped me to do this and so before I start the walk, I am going to do a “kora”, a circuit around the tower.

This I use to ground myself and in saying that, it’s about being really present in this moment, allowing all the other occupational thoughts to drift off – easier said than done – and to use this time of walking to focus on my intention – to reveal belief systems that no longer serve me and bring them into the light, into my consciousness. 

This first circle walk allows me to feel into this, as well as to anchor myself and my energy in this place. I always focus on the head of Bran, said to have been buried under the White Tower mound, facing up the estuary to protect London from invasion. The symbolism though of the skull – the crystal, is as ancient as we are and that this crystal acts as a focus for grounding equally well accepted and used.

Grounding felt really important in this instance to allow me, with confidence, to know that I am secured and anchored, to dig deep within myself. It acts like a strength for me in carrying out work that requires me to step into the “abyss”, for want of a better word and to really see into myself and into places I might not like to look.

Having completed this kora, I stand facing this castle in the city and allow my thoughts to collect into a single thought and the conversations that I have had with the group, to consolidate into a single idea. 

The word that came to me was “value”. The belief system I hold that I lack confidence in the value I bring to the projects I work on or into the relationships I value.

This is the belief system that I will walk the route with and in this instance to release. 

This is the beginnings of why a pilgrimage – a walk with intention – can really help to uncover parts of ourselves we no longer require or are not of service to us. This intention is then overlaid by the astrology of the time, the season within the wheel of the year and the collective energy of the group.

This is a powerful mix for transformation if I choose to work with it.

I do choose but I don’t always get a break through – such is the human condition and my resistance, but I try!

In this instance walking through the seven centres from the tower of St Paul’s did not reveal anything of significance along the route, other than to help me own my value and that built at every stage and in so doing, released itself from my narrative. 

The solar eclipse energy lasts for the next 6 months – until the beginning of June and so I believe that this strengthening of the new narrative will happen over this time.

What though also came in, didn’t happen until towards the end, once the kora had happened around St Paul’s Cathedral, the brow of Ludgate Hill, that the cathedral sits upon. The group’s conversation and their own narrative suddenly gave me a strong shivering sensation down my back, as the word “validation” came to me. 

Standing still and focusing on the Cathedral itself (crown), I put down my role of facilitator and guide along this journey and my thinking shifted into the “success” of the walk and how it had been received. In that moment I realised that I had always looked outside of myself for validation regarding what I was doing – to others to confirm that I had done a good piece of work or that it was successful. 

Never truly trusting my own intuition to give myself the validation. As I saw this I spent a moment revisiting the line I had walked with the group in my mind. Seeing a line of light snaking back from where I now stood through the streets of London I had walked and back to the Tower of London again and the start point. 

These two words continued to stay in my mind “value” and “validation” and how linked they are and how individual they are, in terms of my own narrative I tell myself. That narrative is now shifting as it has been revealed into my conscious mind, I can reform it for both and know myself better.

This work, through pilgrimage completed in a timely manner and with a clear intention, transforms me, step by step.