Creating Fake Flora.

Nature’s truths played against themselves, by creating us as the plastic honeybee drawn to the amber nectar of the everlasting blooms.

We are one with nature. 

We are part of nature and nature is part of us. When we sit in nature, we are nourished by its presence and we receive joy in its proximity.

These are universally held truths and apparently also now, that if it looks like a flower, then it will do the job just as well.

We have become akin to the plastic honey bee drawn to feed from the plastic flora. 

The more colourful and abundant the floral arrangements that now adorn our shops, our restaurants and our pubs, the more it appears that these establishments prosper from our money.

Where in nature, it was the honey bee that sought the nectar from the flower and in return pollinated the flower. it is now us that downs the “amber nectar” collared by a ruff of plastic and fake silk and we who in turn pollinate their tills.

It is an exchange and a mutually beneficial relationship that takes nature’s universal truths and pins them up as the poster image for the modern understanding of nature’s role. It’s all in the visual and don’t give a damn about the authenticity or the responsibility.

Honed for the social media reliance on the recorded image, rather than the experiential benefit, we now see fake flora only thorough other peoples images and we want summer all year round.

Rather like our shopping habits, we refuse to see seasonality in anything around us and ask that what we can’t have, we manufacturer so it looks good now, today, tomorrow and for ever in the images we take.

It is not the nectar that draws us but the image opportunity that compels us to linger here or there. We are prepared to pay for the privilege and so I am unnerved to wonder if indeed nature got here first. It was actually that the intended relationship was to attract the fickle bee, by colour and bounty, not sustainable or quality nectar. Are we closer to parity with nature than we care to admit?

They are even watered to keep them bright and luscious. Watered against the accumulation of dirt and grim from the passing world. Like an invasive weed that threatens to overwhelm, we renew and strengthen our ruffles to ensure that they are forever akin to a holy grail of planting, the “all seasons in one day”.

We used to be content with window box displays, as a means of enticing the punter to choose one establishment over another. Troughs filled with over spilling annuals, designed to give a riot of colour and of life to the facades and gardens of a cafe, restaurant or public house.

The goddess Flora was in her element as these displays and sought to bring together an abundance of floral tributes that would not disgrace the greatest of the temples dedicated to her honour. She symbolises the renewal of life, drinking and all flowers and was given her own temple where worshippers would come to celebrate her.

The greatest of which saw men decked in flowers and woman wearing risqué costumes and five days of farce was enjoyed. What we see today then, might possibly only be the beginning.