Creating Fake Flora.

Nature's truths played against themselves, by creating us as the plastic honeybee drawn to the amber nectar of the everlasting blooms. We are one with nature.  We are part of nature and nature is part of us. When we sit in nature, we are nourished by its presence and we receive joy in its proximity.… Continue reading Creating Fake Flora.

Festival words: Imbolc

"Dedication for growth, for release and expansion." One thing that most people all know about this time of year and therefore associate with the Festival of Imbolc, is that it signifies the start of spring. Without the need of a festival to mark the moment, we are all actively looking for signs that a period… Continue reading Festival words: Imbolc

Festival words: Yule

'Tis the season to feel the depth in ourselves. Every moment of our year, nature and the landscape gifts us the potential and the choice of working with its rhythms and learning more about ourselves as our own being. These moments have often been written about and celebrated or feared. It is the latter that… Continue reading Festival words: Yule